Faux Glo

Wash-off tan for face & body

Fake Bake Faux Glo is an organic based one day tan with subtle shimmer that can be washed off. The unique formula creates the illusion of a beautiful, golden tan by applying a light, non-sticky coating to the skin which doesn't clog pores. The transfer resistant tan can be washed off with soap and water, leaving no colour. Ideal for one-off special occasions or as part of a daily beauty regime.

Faux Glo

Inspired by make-up artists.

Available as retail product only.

Wash-off Tan

Faux Glo - The ultimate one day tan for face & body

Fake Bake Faux Glo is the easiest way to create a temporary, instant tanned look. Faux Glo does not contain any self-tanning agents, so once washed off, skin will appear as it was before application. Faux Glo is suitable for all complexions & exceptionally good for covering irregular skin tones for a natural looking and streak-free tan. Fake Bake’s 360 degree nozzle gives a continuous spray that works at any angle (even upside down). The super-fast drying aerosol is transfer resistant and won’t clog pores leaving your skin looking and feeling fantastic.

  • Suitable For:
    • Skin Types - Oily, Normal, Dry
    • Skin Tones - Fair, Medium, Dark and especially irregular Skin Tones
    • Ideal for special occasions