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Gelish Nails


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Getting a manicure happens for many reasons, and Gelish nails can add a few more to the list. Manicures always look good when you get one, but how long that will last is a different matter. Unlike acrylics or extensions, it looks like nail polish.

Keeping with the similarities of putting color on, this product is applied in three stages. A clear bottom coat is followed by the color, then the shiny top layer. The main difference is comes in the method of drying each layer. You cannot use air-drying methods; a special type of lamp is needed to give the best effect.

By using an LED light or a UV lamp to dry, it only takes two minutes to cure. The gel hardens in that time, and must be repeated after each new coat is applied. This hardened gel is so strong that it will not peel or chip like other products are known to do.

Other types of manicures all have a similar problem with maintaining the new look. It does no take much to chip or crack a nail, shortly after they have been applied. But this new method can take a lot of wear and tear that others cannot. What that means for the person wearing them is the look will last longer, usually up to three weeks.

Regardless of the reason you try Gelish nails, they will look spectacular. And being incredibly durable you can be sure they will last long enough to show them off. Because after all what is the point in having them done in the first place, if you spend all your time trying to hide the chips and breaks that happen so easily.

So don’t be Jealous get Gelish