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Professional Treatments


The Skin Exfoliation System

A Professional strength non-abrasive exfoliates – combined with a mini facial – to loosen plugs of dead skin cells, assisting in extractions and improving skin texture and smoothness. Visual results after 1 treatment, yet gentle enough for regular use.

Time: 1hr

The Multivitamin Power Treatment

A maximum strength, professional exfoliate that effectively removes dulling, superficial cells whilst providing the skin with a nourishing cocktail of vitamins, botanical extracts and conditioning agents. Improves skins elasticity, tone and texture.

“OPTIONAL EXTRAS” Personalise your Facial with these extras for the ultimate pampered experience.

Time: 1hr




Wind-Down Massage

Neck and shoulder massage to relax you into your facial.

Time: 15mins

Contour Masque

A refreshing mineral masque which cools, firms and tightens the skin. Its use enhances the action of serums, masques and firming gels by increasing absorption and penetration. Ideal for calming and reducing redness in hypertensive skins, eczema, sunburn and acneic skin, especially acne rosacea. Great for firming loose, sagging skin for that special occasion.

Time: 15mins












Clinical Colloidal Masque

This soothing masque is ideal for calming and reducing redness in hypersensitive skins, eczema, sunburn and acneic skin, especially acne rosacea. Excellent choice for environmentally stressed skin.

Time: 15mins