Spray Tan Equipment

Ideal for Mobile/Home-Based Beauty Therapists & Salons 

Fake Bake experts have been working with some of the UK’s leading design and engineering consultants to create a versatile spray tan system that promises professional performance, efficiency, health & safety levels way-beyond conventional systems. Fake Bake has integrated unique HVLP spray tanning technology, extraction and filtration into sleek, simple to use units that can be transported easily and ready to use in seconds. Ideal for mobile and home-based therapists or salons that do not want to dedicate a treatment room entirely to spray tanning. Innovations include a self-inflating spray pod with built-in machine washable liner & filter, an advanced high-performance extraction system that transforms into a convenient storage case and Fake Bake’s revolutionary Spray Gun designed specifically for Fake Bake’s Instant Self-Tanning Liquids (Original & Dark).

Instant Self-Tanning Liquids

Fake Bake Self-Tanning Liquids are available in two variants, containing different concentrations of the naturally derived, premium tanning agents DHA and Erythulose. The premium DHA interacts with the amino acids which lie in the top layers of the skin (the stratum corneum) to develop rapidly into a tan that compliments your skin tones. Erthyulose develops the tan more slowly for longer lasting results. When combined, these tanning agents work together to reduce streaking and miscolouring for a natural looking tan. They also make your tan fade perfectly evenly for a continuous natural appearance.

Instant Self-Tan Liquids

For professional spray tan applications

Two formulas available – Original & Darker

Fake Bake spray tan solutions are self-tans formulated to the precise viscosity to make them compatible with most spray tan systems – Airbrush, HVLP and LVLP spray tan guns (although compatibility with Fake Bake POD is perfect). Fake Bake solutions are currently available in two different variants. The difference is the levels of naturally derived tanning agents DHA and Ery. The darker formula contains higher concentrations. These enable you to pick the solution most suited to your clients’ skin tone and lifestyles. Although the solutions will develop to compliment the clients’ natural colour, you can choose the finish, control colour application and development for a truly tailored tan. Both solutions contain ‘show where it goes’ cosmetic colour to assist in the application. Unlike other spray tan solutions, Fake Bake’s have a pleasant smell.

Instant Self-Tanning Liquid

  • Suitable For:
    • Skin Types – Oily, Normal, Dry
    • Skin Tones – Light, Medium, Dark
    • People who want a natural looking, holiday tan

Darker Formula Instant Self-Tanning Liquid

  • Suitable For:
    • Skin Types – Oily, Normal, Dry
    • Skin Tones – Medium, Dark
    • People who want a natural looking, darker tan